Takata Recall – Fix It, Don’t Risk It

This message could save your life.

Minimally, it will save you time at DVDL.

Regarding Ford, Lincoln, Toyota and Lexus model vehicles sold at Vampt Motors and third-party dealerships.

Urgent DVDL update

The vehicle you drive is a part of the critical Takata airbag recall. Your life could be in danger, so the responsible safety response from the Cayman Islands Department of Vehicles has been to ensure compliance with getting your vehicle fixed; your vehicle will only be relicensed in the annual inspection if the airbag has been checked and replaced. You will require an official letter From the Vampt Motors service department to produce when getting your vehicle inspected for the following year. Don’t risk it, fix it. And let us give you a clearance letter today. Check the photos below. Ask friends, family and coworkers.

For more information, email service@vamptmotors.com

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