Takata: Get Registered at Your Brand Dealership.

Attention, Vehicle Owners! It’s Time to Start Your (Search) Engines

George Town—Vampt Motors offers advice on dealing with the recent Takata airbag inflator recalls to help drivers obtain the necessary paperwork for annual licensing at DVDL for Ford, Lincoln, Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

The Takata recall, which is urgent, impacts 34 brands from 19 different automakers manufactured between 1996 and 2017. Greg Hall, the Vampt Motors Service Manager, has been sounding the alarm about the recall since 2013, when he appeared on the Day Break show. He underscores the gravity of the recall for all vehicle owners and stresses the need for immediate VIN checks, as the solution is simple and vital for safety.

“Vehicles that are part of the recall and have failed inspection will receive a ‘no drive’ order. We are prepared to travel to the location for on-site repairs or arrange for towing to Vampt Motors if necessary for Ford, Lincoln, Toyota, and Lexus,” said Hall. “Next week, a technician will be sent to Brac and Little Cayman to address issues with multiple vehicles from our brands. Owners of Ford, Lincoln, Toyota, and Lexus vehicles in these areas can contact us via email to schedule on-site service. These repairs will be given priority as they are crucial for ensuring safety. Just like all Takata recall work, no appointment is required.”

Automakers provide dealerships with lists of official models, new and old, for their market. Apart from this information, owners of grey-market vehicles and owners not known to the local dealer will need to request VIN checks for Takata, and parts will be ordered at that time. Part lead times for Takata are shipment as hazmat and, under emergency orders, still may take up to six months or longer to arrive at the dealers.

The key point is for drivers to register their Ford, Lincoln, Toyota, and Lexus vehicles with the Vampt Motors Service Department. This will ensure that the dealer has your updated contact details for any safety recalls that may occur.

Many Vampt Motors customers have benefited from knowing that their Ford, Lincoln, Toyota, and Lexus are free of the Takata concern and have secured the necessary paperwork to get their vehicles passed as roadworthy. These vehicles will only pass inspection once the defective parts are replaced and customers have the paperwork required for DVDL from their automotive dealers to prove this work has been completed.

Vampt Motors urges Ford, Lincoln, Toyota, and Lexus drivers to take a moment to locate their VINs. Then, register the vehicle at www.vamptcayman.com/service/  or email service@vamptmotors.com with the VIN and customer contact information. Vampt Motors requests people not to call, as the 17-digit VIN is easier to verify digitally via email or on the website chat.

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