Heart of Toyota Hybrid Technology: Beating Strong at Vampt Motors for Earth Day 2024

Four hybrid models, the C-HR, Yaris Cross HEV, Corolla Cross HEV, and RAV4, are in stock to celebrate Earth Day 2024.

And a prelaunch for the newest edition, a luxury hybrid model, the Toyota 2024 Crown HEV.

A simple yet intelligent mechanism powers the Toyota hybrid vehicle called the power split device.

This device enables the vehicle to run with superior efficiency by starting off with motor power and aggressively using it for propulsion.

Power is then smoothly and efficiently split between vehicle propulsion and the generator, enabling waste-free propulsion and efficient engine use. The battery’s electrical energy increases the motor’s output, producing smooth acceleration and high-efficiency range.

During deceleration, electricity is recovered from the tire rotation and used to generate electricity that is then stored in the battery.

The power split device assesses various conditions instantaneously to provide optimum power and is the heart of the Toyota hybrid.

Watch the Heart of Toyota Hybrid
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