Happiness Through A Child’s Eye

“My son really, really loves cars, so I was looking for any opportunity related to cars for him.” – Akiko Smith, parent.

Meet Kaisei Ohtomo-Smith, a 6-year-old painter who embarked on a journey of research and creation inspired by his love for Toyota vehicles. His parents, deeply moved by his efforts, decided to share his art with the Vampt Motors Sales Department, a testament to the profound impact of our community connections on young talents. 

“At Vampt Motors, we believe driving is more than getting from point A to point B. It’s about feeling a sense of freedom, adventure, and limitless possibilities. Our global brand, Toyota, connects vehicles with the magic of exploration, and this young, talented artist has captured the true spirit in his painting,” says a Sales representative.

Toyota’s vision is to lead the future mobility society, enriching lives worldwide with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Toyota will meet challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people who believe there is always a better way. In this case, it is a 6-year-old painter who, in the future, may have a career in automotive design or more.

This timing parallels the goals of the Department of Children & Family Services, which has organized a month-long series of activities to promote improvement in children’s and parents’ lives. Their theme, “Moving from Challenge to Change,” has been embraced by the Vampt Motors and Toyota family to make children happier and motivate a bright future in the Cayman Islands. 

To celebrate Child Month in our own way, Vampt Motors presents young master Kaisei with a gift to encourage his growth and continued involvement in art and the automotive industry. It is with great pleasure that his artwork is displayed in the Vampt Motors Sales Department for all current and future Toyota lovers to admire. Happiness through a child’s eyes.

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