How long has Vampt Motors been in business?

Family-owned and operated Vampt Motors is the original dealership in Cayman.

Since August 1968, Vampt Motors has been serving and committed to providing exceptional automotive brands and services to the people of Cayman. Our decision-making process is grounded in traditional values, prioritizing community engagement, good corporate citizenship, and a steadfast commitment to safety.

Where are the two Vampt Motors locations?

Vampt Motors has two convenient locations on Walkers Road, Grand Cayman.

The Sales Department is at 514 Walkers Road, 949-8288. The Service Centre, Body Shop, and Parts Department are located at 368 Walkers Road 949-2245.

What are the hours of operation?

There are three different departmental schedules.

The Sales Department is open 8:30-5:00 Mon-Fri and 9:00-12:00 on Saturday.
The Body Shop and Service Departments are open 7:30-5:00 Mon-Fri and 8:00-12:00 on Saturday.
The Parts Department is open 8:00-5:00 Mon-Fri and 9:00-12:00 on Saturday.

What brands does Vampt Motors represent?

Vampt Motors represents four global brands.

Ford. Since 1968, Vampt Motors has been the exclusive Ford dealership in the Cayman Islands.

Toyota. Since 1970, Vampt Motors has been the exclusive Toyota Dealership in the Cayman Islands.

Hino. Vampt Motors has been the exclusive Hino Dealership for commercial vehicle options.

Ziebart. Vampt Motors is the exclusive provider of Ziebart Rust protection through our Body Shop.

What is included in a new vehicle purchase?

Each new vehicle purchased at Vampt Motors proudly represents the VM family.

We provide the manufacturer warranty, 3 years or 100K Km, as well as the first service and Ziebart basic undercoating. Further options for Extended Service Plans and Extended Protection Plans are available.

Extended Service Plan is comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the basic underside spray. Our Body Shop full protection option effectively eliminates rust and surface breakdown on the entire car, ensuring that it looks new for years to come. Invest in upgraded protection.

Extended Protection Plan is the ultimate solution to keep your vehicle in top condition. Eliminate any worries and unexpected costs with our comprehensive maintenance coverage plan. Invest in upgraded maintenance.

Does Vampt Motors offer financing?

No dealerships on the island directly give financing; however, Vampt Sales Department professionals are very familiar with the loan process and will ease you through the process.

For specific questions regarding financing and requirements, email Tiffany Rankin at, who is a lending specialist in the Sales Department.

What types of vehicles does the Service Centre work on?

Vampt Motors Service Department is a Ford and Toyota-certified specialist Centre that offers tune-ups and oil changes for all makes and models of automobiles.

Although these professionals will endeavour to assist off-brand vehicle owners with workable solutions, the primary work is done on Ford and Toyota vehicles. The Service Centre has the tools for Ford and Toyota and the original equipment parts from our proficient Parts Department. SERVICE – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors (

Check your part request: PARTS – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors (

Upload the photo of the damage: BODY SHOP – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors (

How often is it suggested for a service or oil change?

Oil Change and service recommendations are fairly general.

It is recommended that owners get their vehicle’s oil changed every three months or 5K kilometres.

Vampt Motors recommends maintenance tune-ups every 100K kilometres, but it is best to schedule a service with our professional Service Department by filling out the Service Request form.

What type of maintenance and repair services are available?

  • Oil Changes & Filter Replacement
  • General All-makes and model tune-ups
  • Brake inspections and replacement
  • Engine cooling systems and exhaust systems
  • Government Inspections and/or with Licensing
  • Wheel Inspection, installation, and computerized alignment and balancing
  • Ziebart Rustproofing treatment and inspections
  • Body Repair and Detailing Services
  • Paint and body repair
  • Free Local Shuttle Services
  • Towing services

Does Vampt Motors provide courtesy vehicles during repairs?

Vampt Motors can offer courtesy vehicles during repairs up to a limited number.

However, the courtesy shuttle is always freely available.

Does Vampt Motors offer roadside assistance or towing?

Vampt Motors has its own towing service that is available 24/7.

The vehicle will be towed from any location to Vampt Motors Service Centre. The link for towing is TOWING SERVICE – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors (

The cost for this service is based on distance and time of the day.

Can the Body Shop and Parts Department provide estimates after a vehicle has been in an accident?

Yes, estimates are provided to your insurance companies, or you personally submit the damage through the website or at the Service Centre.

Body shop photo of body damage: BODY SHOP – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors ( or email 949-2245

Service Centre book an inquiry: SERVICE – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors ( or email 949-2245

Can Vampt Motors Parts Department provide hard-to-find and OE parts for Ford and Toyota?

Absolutely. The Parts Department professionals are very efficient at finding parts for Ford and Toyota vehicles.

In order to start the process, it is recommended that you find your vehicle’s VIN number first. Then fill in this form: PARTS – Vampt MotorsVampt Motors (

Alternatively, you can call our hotline at 814-0132 or email

If you are an existing customer or bought your vehicle from the Vampt Motors Sales Department, the Parts Department will only need your licence plate number to look up your vehicle’s details and parts. The vehicles made for the Caribbean market are manufactured in nine different countries, so parts from the USA will not likely fit. That is why we recommend that you use the Parts Department professionals who can get your parts from Japan, India, Thailand, South Africa, China, Mexico, the USA, and Europe.

Does Vampt Motors Sales sell used vehicles? Or offer trade-ins?

The Sales Department primarily sells new Ford, Hino and Toyota vehicles.

Certified used vehicles and trade-in options do exist but at the discretion of the Sales Manager. Email or call 949-8288 for an appointment.

Can customers order specific Ford and Toyota’s though Vampt Motors?

The Vampt Motors Sales Department has many excellent vehicle options approved for our market.

If a vehicle outside of the recommendation for the Caribbean market is desired, the customer will need to speak to the Sales Manager, Adam Lawson, for options. Generally, Vampt Motors does not recommend buying vehicles ‘not for the Cayman Market’.

What does ‘Not for the Cayman Market’ mean?

Ford and Toyota vehicles are not always approved for the Cayman or Caribbean market.

The vehicles made for the Caribbean market are manufactured specifically to innovate mechanically for the local road conditions. This is a really serious problem for people who buy outside of the approved market and try to get auto parts for repairs. The vehicles made for the Caribbean market are manufactured in nine different countries, so parts from the USA will not likely fit. That is why we recommend that you use the Parts Department professionals who can get your parts from Japan, India, Thailand, South Africa, China, Mexico, the USA, and Europe.

Many US-approved vehicles are not allowed to legally leave the States or be sold for exportation.

As an expat setting up to move to Cayman, do I really need a vehicle?

It is highly recommended. The public transport system on the Island is not very reliable or organized.

Although one could ride a bike, there are no bike lanes. Take a taxi or bus; the Island is not well set up for public transportation options. Many people do carpool, but most find that owning a car is critical for getting around safely. Walking in the Caribbean heat is not generally an option, and sidewalks are rarely available.

Any other questions?

We are always here to help and are available through the chat.

We look forward to serving your automobile needs.

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