Female Futures Fuel the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable shift in recent years as women have emerged as influential forces driving sales, service, and leadership. Breaking through traditional gender stereotypes, women make significant contributions to all aspects of the automotive business; the women at Vampt Motors lead by example. Female futures fueled by opportunity.

Vampt Motors, the original automotive dealership of Cayman, has benefited from the presence of women since the beginning. Their contribution led to the rise of women in all aspects of the business. This highlights women’s invaluable role in shaping this dynamic business’s future. Enjoy now as we delve into the inspiring stories and achievements of these women who have shattered barriers, empowered the next generation, and transformed the automotive landscape, thus paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future.

Shattering Stereotypes: Women Thriving in Male-Dominated Fields – Shirley Wood

Shirley Wood Service Advisor

It is no secret that the automotive industry has traditionally been male-dominated. However, in recent years, women have been breaking through barriers and finding a place in this niche market. One person proving that she belongs in the driver’s seat by showcasing her expertise is Shirley Wood, a service advisor. Ms. Wood, who has worked in the Service Department, honed her skills at a Toyota dealership in North Carolina before joining the Vampt team. “As a student, I loved math and the absoluteness and the clarity of the answers math provided. I was always drawn to problem-solving and the thrill of arriving at a definitive solution. With its logical and precise nature, Math assured me that my answers were correct,” says Wood, “I treat automotive service the same way. Customers bring us problems, and we solve them with the tools available. It’s hard when faced with the challenges of vehicles not being supported by our market; finding parts and getting those back on the road can be frustrating.”

Designing for Diversity: Women Redefining Automotive Aesthetics – Randeesh Rowe

Randeesh Rowe Body Shop Advisor

The female flare offers a fresh perspective to challenge the status quo regarding automotive design and bodywork repair. Applying design solutions to old and new vehicles takes a curious mind and a detailed eye. In the Body Shop, Randeesh Rowe remembers being told as a child that her first passion, drawing, would not pay the bills for a future career. She set out to use her attention to detail and artistic vision to creatively apply it to the automotive world. “My Father was a mechanic, and I remember drawing cars as a child. I loved the dramatic lines and smooth finishes, so I attended the Jamaican German Automotive Academy to study custom-built vehicle design. After apprenticing at a custom shop in Buford, Georgia, I returned to design my first vehicle and, from scratch, restored my favourite 1996 Suzuki Swift GTI. Having done this, I know the ins and outs for being successful and getting the job done,” says Rowe, “I am the initial person people work with when they need their cars fixed after an accident, and I enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done when they drive off in a restored vehicle. I found a way to make my love for art provide a long-term, profitable career. Most of all, it just feels good to help.”     

Bridging the Gender Gap: Encouraging Women to Pursue – Janiel Archie

Other transferable skills for the automotive industry include good organization, time management, clear communication, and a meticulous talent for the nuances and intricacies of the written word, as is necessary for warranty work. Every car owner knows the feel-good moment of having a warranty or maintenance plan that covers unexpected vehicle problems. Knowing the particulars of a warranty and maintenance schedule can seem daunting. Introducing Janiel Archie, Vampt Motors warranty advisor. Her primary role is communicating updates and expediting warranty information to the rest of the dealership.  “You know, in school, they always talk about the 3Rs – reading, writing, and arithmetic. Lucky for me, I was pretty good at all three! As the Warranty Advisor for Ford and Toyota, I get to use those skills to help people out,” says Archie with a smile. “If I could give some advice to students out there, it would be to pay attention in school and make the most of your studies. Trust me, the things you learn and the skills you develop will help you find a great job and succeed in any industry regardless of gender.”

Changing Consumer Landscape: The Rising Influence of Women in Selling Vehicles – Tiffany Rankin

There has been a noticeable shift in the automotive market in recent years. Women are increasingly becoming key salespersons to represent selling vehicles. Their ability to relate to their customer’s wants and needs resonates with consumers and results in a powerful ability to match the right vehicle to the right customer. Tiffany Rankin, in the Sales Department, says this is the start of the automotive journey; having a knowledgeable and considerate salesperson helps build trust, leading to a valuable relationship. “I especially love working with first-time buyers as this exciting milestone in their life will only happen once. Seeing their faces as they step into a new vehicle for a test drive is such a rush of joy. I was in banking for many years helping people get the financing to purchase vehicles, and it was never as rewarding as being there for them to drive off in their new purchase,” says Rankin.

Promoting Diversity, Balance, and Inclusion in Automotive Leadership- Jesica Rayos del Sol

In automotive dealerships, it is increasingly common to witness women breaking the glass ceiling and acquiring executive positions. These women demonstrate their capabilities and lead the industry in the right direction. At Vampt Motors, one such woman is Jesica Rayos del Sol, who has been a part of the Company since 1998 and is currently serving as Financial Controller. She remembers receiving a call about a job opening at Vampt Motors while working at an auditing firm in the Philippines. According to her, the automotive industry is not much different from other businesses that need financial accountability, strong professionalism and devoted employees to accomplish the work. Jesica believes that “we need more women in leadership roles in the automotive industry as they bring teamwork, creativity and challenge the norms that lead to better decision making and eventually to the success of the Company. This can only be achieved by providing them with the right opportunities.” Climbing the corporate ladder in this industry can be challenging. Still, a good education and a willingness to put in hard work and dedication are the quickest ways to get recognized.” She emphasizes that inclusion is crucial to achieving balance in Vampt’s departmental teams.

The automotive industry is evolving, and women play a vital role in shaping its future. At Vampt Motors, we understand the importance of women’s perspectives and skills in keeping our customers happy with our two primary brands, Ford and Toyota. Women are rupturing barriers, refreshing new opportunities, and reshaping the industry with their unique determination. By providing increased support, mentorship, and advocacy, we can nurture the talents of women in automotive careers and inspire the next generation of female leaders and innovators. Vampt Motors benefits from embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and acknowledging the immense value that women bring to create a healthy automotive landscape that genuinely reflects everyone’s needs and aspirations. Vampt Motors firmly believes female fortitude is fueling the future of the automotive industry.

Female Futures Fuel Automotive Industry
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