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Understanding the Concept of Unapproved ‘Grey’ Market Vehicles

So, you’re in the market for a new set of wheels. Many new to used options are available, but buyers should beware that both new and used vehicles sold in Cayman may not be engineered for our local market and, therefore, are unapproved. Before diving headfirst into the unapproved car world, let’s consider what this means.

When we say “ [...]

Four hybrid models, the C-HR, Yaris Cross HEV, Corolla Cross HEV, and RAV4, are in stock to celebrate Earth Day 2024.

And a prelaunch for the newest edition, a luxury hybrid model, the Toyota 2024 Crown HEV.

A simple yet intelligent mechanism powers the Toyota hybrid vehicle called the power split device.

This device enables the vehicle to run with su [...]

Hybrid vehicles and a sustainable future Explained

Hybrid vehicles have emerged as a revolutionary solution in the pursuit of a sustainable future. With their unique combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, hybrid vehicles offer numerous environmental and economic benefits. This article aims to explore the technology behind hybrid vehicles, their environmental advantages, and their potential to transform the transportation sector so you can hop on the hybrid bandwagon. By understanding the role of hybrid vehicles [...]

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