Water Crossing Risks & Techniques

Driving through water can be risky and challenging for motorists. Understanding the necessary precautions and techniques for navigating such conditions is essential. This includes assessing water depths, maintaining control and traction, and preparing for emergencies. This article will explore different aspects of driving through water, such as preparing your vehicle, navigating techniques, and emergency procedures, to help drivers reduce potential dangers and protect themselves and their vehicles.

Common dangers assoc [...]

As hurricane season looms, preparing your vehicle for the challenges of stormy weather is essential. Following these vehicle maintenance tips, developing a vehicle security plan, and conducting post-storm inspections can significantly enhance your safety and readiness for the road during an anticipated uptick in hurricane activity.

Benefits of Being Prepared Ahead of Time

Preparing for a hurricane is essential ahead of the panic created by the report of [...]

Attention, Vehicle Owners! It’s Time to Start Your (Search) Engines

George Town—Vampt Motors offers advice on dealing with the recent Takata airbag inflator recalls to help drivers obtain the necessary paperwork for annual licensing at DVDL for Ford, Lincoln, Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

The Takata recall, which is urgent, impacts 34 brands from 19 different automakers manufactured between 1996 and 2017. Greg Hall, the Vampt Motors Service Manager, [...]

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