Heart of Toyota Hybrid Technology: Beating Strong at Vampt Motors for Earth Day 2024

Four hybrid models, the C-HR, Yaris Cross HEV, Corolla Cross HEV, and RAV4, are in stock to celebrate Earth Day 2024.

And a prelaunch for the newest edition, a luxury hybrid model, the Toyota 2024 Crown HEV.

A simple yet intelligent mechanism powers the Toyota hybrid vehicle called the power split device.

This device enables the v [...]

The automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable shift in recent years as women have emerged as influential forces driving sales, service, and leadership. Breaking through traditional gender stereotypes, women make significant contributions to all aspects of the automotive business; the women at Vampt Motors lead by example. Female futures fueled by opportunity.

Vampt Motors, the original automotive dealership of Cayman, has benefited from the presence of women since the beginning. [...]

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